Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Managing Monday's- Meal Plan day.

Weekday breakfasts are cereal and toast.
Lunches during the wweek are sandwiches of ham, salami,cheese, tuna or chicken & mayo (in those little cans- so yum)

Monday: Leftover Chicken Brick and vegies
Tuesday: Creamy smoked paprika chicken and steam veg (so easy)
Wednesday: Fish with Herb cream and chips/wedges
Thursday: Meat, veg & chive mashed potato
Friday: Slow cooker Beef & Red wine ragout and crusty rolls
Saturday: BF: Toast, egg and spaghetti, banana cake & muffins for snacks, Ham & salad sandwiches for lunch, Dinner: Homemade pizza
Sunday: BF: ham, eggs,grilled tomato, mushys, hash browns & pancakes. Lunch is leftover beef in rolls, Dinner is Salmon and herbed cream and aspargus, potato bake.

I am really loving the organisation and variety that sitting down and actually planning my meals is giving me. Also my shopping days are so much less stressful- I know exactly what I need to get. I am hoping we will have less waste and confusion at that 5pm witching hour by having some meals that I can prepare earlier in the day at hopefully a more quiet moment, or some tasks I can delegate to my 13yo helper ahead of time rather than that frantic cupboard gaze after the day has melted down into tears and catastrophe!!!

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