Friday, December 31, 2010

Bring it on!!

What a year- 2010 done & dusted!
It has been a big one: encephalitis came to visit our home and changed our lives in an extraordinary way,  also  my baby girl became a teenager and finished her first year of high school: gulp! My DH & I celebrated 17yrs of marriage and we are many many bricks closer to finishing our home: definitely in by Christmas eh B!!
The highlight of this year has been the people that have walked the journey with us: my beautiful good morning gals group who have shared their heart as they walk with God and encourage me so much, also the people I love who I will maybe never sit and have a coffee in person with yet bless me by praying for me and my family ( thank you xx) the people who have stepped close to my heart and held my hand and crossed miles to turn typing to faces (xx) my heart aches to again have our morning latte! 
Hugs to People who have stretched my faith, shaken my brain cells, wrestled with issues and put the kettle on & listened, 
God has blessed me with people to walk with us this year: Thank you to the people who are reading this - thank you for your smile in 2010,  thank u for your prayers and your fun & encouragement - bring on 2011!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

He Came!!

He came!!!

He came and He left gifts!!!

Not a silly fat fairytale man in a red suit needing mumma & dads everywhere to help him keep his "promises"

I'm talking about the most significant event in our lives, in all earths history. He came. Wrapped in cloth, laid in a manger, Alive in the body of a man to restore His children to their Father. To give what we were unable to give.

He came. He didn't have to, God had been talking to people through prophets for centuries, He sent celestial wonders and miracles and spoke through holy men and women, but He knew He had to give us something more- Himself, for us- no other gift compares, no other gift has such significance, no other gift has such sacrifice. Jesus came because He loved us more than we will ever know this side of Heaven, but thanks to the fact that He came we will one day be rejoicing in understanding and glory with Him in Heaven.

Im Praying you have a lovely Christmas experiencing the gift that Jesus came to this world to give us- relationship with the Father.