Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sorry for the silence

I haven't disappeared from blogdom- life has become a huge appointment shedule- with our beautiful girl back & forward into hospital & having anesthetics, tests, MRI's, lumbar punctures, seizures & general hardships from this awful encephalitis.

We have had celebrations that have bought joy too: we have all had birthdays- lil C turned FOUR in march!! (yay & we celebrated at home- her 2nd birthday ever that she actually was not in a hospital for!!) our other sweet DD turned 14 & Dh & I also had birthdays in April- so we have over indulged in cake & worked a few long overdue smiles & lighthearted fun in too!

Another milestone was DH & I celebrated 18 years of marriage last week, I have been really challenged to look at my family relationships as special- to celebrate the everyday & not underestimate the value of the ordinary.

Life is tough, it hurts, it is time to bring happiness & laughter to our home -on purpose! -especially when inside I want to weep.
I'm finding it too easy to say "I cant face it- I
hurt- I won't bother" but the "thief comes to steal, kill & destroy" (Jn 10:10)

In fact, I'm letting go of an important part of Gods plan for my life in surrendering my joy- because Jesus said "He came that we may ENJOY life" & So I am choosing to LOOK for opportunities to find joy even if my heart is breaking.
Spending time quietly before the Lord I realise that I struggle with fear & trust- that not having all the answers To my lil girls illness is such a barrier that puts me into cycles of reasoning, planning , manipulating (trying to get Drs/specialists to see us & help her & to get the clinic that she needs close by with the right therapist takes every organizational, sweet talking skill I have & then some - medical practices have a " way" all of their own & when you are desperate they are VERY frustrating.! But when I stop I'm exhausted & I am saddened by how much I do in my own steam- my fear takes away my faith. I am so small & I I don't see as the Father sees & so Most of my worries that I lay at His feet I grab back again & instead of trusting -I worry.

I wrote out a statement that I have made up to remind me- my motto if you will- from that time facing my fears with the Father:

"if we could see as God sees:
our worries would turn to trust
& our fears would turn to dust"
I forget this quickly & worry again, but I am going to keep reminding myself & turn those fears to dust!!
Hugs all xx
In His Grace,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011, What are your plans?

Today I am sitting and praying over specific areas that I want to see grow in 2011.

Im looking at organising and being intentional about the things that are important to me.
I want to have God flood my everyday with Himself.
I am looking at areas of:
  • Deepening my time with the Lord.
  • Teaching my daughters to love and serve the Lord
  • Nurturing my marriage
  • Being busy and organised at home.
  • Continuing my weight loss journey and keeping my focus on The Lord for my direction through the Glory Gals
I am loving the accountability of Good Morning Girls, these woman email each other daily as a way of being accountable to be keeping in the Word each day. We pray for each other and this group has been a tremendous blessing for me. If you are not in a Good Morning Girls group, I would strongly encourage you to get a few friends together from your Church, Bible study, facebook or bloggy buddies- anywhere and start up a group. If you need a group there is a message board to meet others with a passion for God or drop me an email/comment.

Mary Kate Warner has some very good resources  that I have been using to teach my DD 3yo. Mary Kate has really good original craft ideas that become part of the children's special things not just something that sits on the backseat of the car til it is thrown away. We made a prayer heart and have put our promises in it and we are making a memory verse box and my older DD 13 is quite engaged with the craft too. I really like her ideas and the kids learn special things about God in there everyday, her ideas are not just fab for sunday school lessons but we use them as craft for visits to friends houses and our regular time with God.
Have a look around her new website and leave Mary Kate a comment to say you stopped by. I think it is great to get practical help to sow God's word into the lil hearts that fill our day be they our kiddos, grandchildren or friends and I appreciate her creative ideas!! Have a look at http://www.christianitycove.com/

What a tremendous blessing to have a brand new year to love and serve the Lord, let us make our priority Giving Glory to God where we are in 2011!