Friday, October 29, 2010


She was here today- SHE WAS HERE!!
I looked into my sweet 3yo dd face and she looked back, she smiled, she talked, she played- we had a cherished times of connection today-it was like she was waking up- no seizures, no cerebral irritation- just my sweet baby girl looking at me, talking to me and playing games with me!!
Thank you Jesus fir this sweet day, your mercy and your reminder that she is indeed still in there somewhere, safe and that you are watching her, keep her safe until this illness passes and she can be fully awake and fully back where we are.
I can face tomorrow because I know who holds my future & He also holds me up.

Say What??

Today has been a long day, took C- 3yodd to the Dr yesterday & she had a huge seizure on the Drs waiting room, which was horrible for us but excellent that they hot to actually see what is happening the dr rang a
Neurologist at kids hospital who has a specialty in encephalitis & he feels that she should be booked back into hospital in Sydney for more tests. They will call us an organize it so I guess we  are heading back again :(

We had a quiet day at home playing games & colouring in.

My verse helped alot today:
Galatians 6:9

"So let's not allow ourselves to get fatigued doing good. At the right time we will harvest a good crop if we don't give up,"

What is everyone reading??

Monday, October 18, 2010

Are you organized?

I'm a packing for holidays- but why am I so stressed??- my kiddos need a break,I need a break, my hubby & I definately need a break- so why am I so uptight??
Its "The day of packing the car" and the clothes and the medicines and the contact numbers are packed, in fact it has gone somewhat smoothly, the last minute panic supported by the seranade of the squabbles of the toddler & the tween- I have hear my mind say "I need just 5!." 5 caffiene filled minutes- just 5 so I can experience peace- but in fact- I think I have?!
Wait - you ask?,what??
Yep today has been one of those all together crazy days when you feel overwhelmed, unorganized & at your limit of time & patience- after all it is vacation time- it had to be right- perfection!!??
How much is life like that- expectations you can't meet- preparations to be made,choices to be fussed over- life- the process until the promise of the goal, the reward: the holiday - it's almost here and the anticipation is so great- to be ready , planned , prepared- the promise of what is to come driving me.
He sees forever- that same promise driving Him, the promise of what's to come but it has bigger eternal significance. He is always waiting & prompting " go girl- speak of me,tell them,"
Tomorrow we take a vacation together & regroup-it has been planned- I've made lists, packed & prepared- I have put in so much energy this week for my goal. It has really challenged me to think how often I put this energ, preparation & planning into reaching people for Christ- so they can meet Him & know the wonderful things of Him. I'm praying that I have a heart develop in me with the same enthusiasm for the important things: the eternal big events that actually change forever- there is a big picture, I call this stuff we give out energy to- there is a God waiting- hearing, watching, when am I going to slow down & sit with Him? It's too important, too vital- join me...
Are you organized??

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Greek Lemon Chicken Targine

1 onion chopped
Chicken Maryland pieces (1 each person)
Juice of 1 lemon & few thin slices of lemon for top of chicken
10 green beans topped & tailed and cut in inch long pieces, or chopped snow peas or asparagus whatever you have/ like
Handful of fresh thyme leaves
2-3 cloves garlic
About 8 green pitted olives & 8 prunes roughly chopped (I know your thinking prines?? -but they are REALLY lovely in chicken please trust me!)

Put half of the onion sprinkled on the base of the Targine (or deep dish casserole if you don't have one yet and are dropping subtle hints for Christmas!!)
Brown chicken pieces in a separate frypan. Put on top of onion
Deglaze frypan with the juice of one lemon & 100mls white wine ( I used traminer reisling) reduce until about 150 mls total. Add salt & pepper.
Put a slice of lemon on the top of each Maryland , sprinkle with rest of the onion, thyme leaves, green beans,chopped garlic, prunes & olives. Pour reduced deglaze liquid over top.
Put lid on targine and cook over low heat for 1 1/2 hours- the chicken will be tender and falling off the bone. I served it with herbed couscous- delicious!!!

Linked up at Tasty Tuesday & Tempt my tummy tuesday, YUMMO!!

Thankful Tuesday just because I can't wait for Thursday!

I'm thankful for taking 15 minutes to stop & reset with my cuppa in hand in the sunshine,
I'm VERY thankful for the sandpit that is entertaining my dd3yo
I am thankful for another week of school hols to spend time with my dd13
I'm thankful for the lovely family time over the long weekend
I'm thankful for my two chicken tractors weeding the flower bed for me and watching them scratch and chortle is lovely
Im thankful for my hubby's job that pays our bills ( it's a Mudgee week for us but I'm refusing to get gloomy about him being away!)
I'm thankful for the food in my freezer and pantry as I think about my meal plan for this week
I'm thankful for my hammock seat and the sunshine on this beautiful day
I am thankful for this thankful tuesday because everytime I concentrate on what I'm truely thankful for I see that most are not material things that make me happy at all but they are the blessings I have all around me all the time!