Monday, October 18, 2010

Are you organized?

I'm a packing for holidays- but why am I so stressed??- my kiddos need a break,I need a break, my hubby & I definately need a break- so why am I so uptight??
Its "The day of packing the car" and the clothes and the medicines and the contact numbers are packed, in fact it has gone somewhat smoothly, the last minute panic supported by the seranade of the squabbles of the toddler & the tween- I have hear my mind say "I need just 5!." 5 caffiene filled minutes- just 5 so I can experience peace- but in fact- I think I have?!
Wait - you ask?,what??
Yep today has been one of those all together crazy days when you feel overwhelmed, unorganized & at your limit of time & patience- after all it is vacation time- it had to be right- perfection!!??
How much is life like that- expectations you can't meet- preparations to be made,choices to be fussed over- life- the process until the promise of the goal, the reward: the holiday - it's almost here and the anticipation is so great- to be ready , planned , prepared- the promise of what is to come driving me.
He sees forever- that same promise driving Him, the promise of what's to come but it has bigger eternal significance. He is always waiting & prompting " go girl- speak of me,tell them,"
Tomorrow we take a vacation together & regroup-it has been planned- I've made lists, packed & prepared- I have put in so much energy this week for my goal. It has really challenged me to think how often I put this energ, preparation & planning into reaching people for Christ- so they can meet Him & know the wonderful things of Him. I'm praying that I have a heart develop in me with the same enthusiasm for the important things: the eternal big events that actually change forever- there is a big picture, I call this stuff we give out energy to- there is a God waiting- hearing, watching, when am I going to slow down & sit with Him? It's too important, too vital- join me...
Are you organized??


  1. Oh, I used to be!! Then I had children and it seems the harder I try the worse I get. Oh but when I start the day with Him, it changes things. I still might not be organized, but He is there and He speaks sweet peace to my soul. Thank you for your post!

  2. Trusting your long-awaited holiday is a blessing, and you and family are having fun and no dramas.
    Yes I am usually organised, but I have time on my side these days.
    Love and blessings, Jan