Tuesday, June 22, 2010

17 years on...

Last week I couldn't post my first in the challenge because my DHbroke his foot and again we were in the emergency room, now with crutches and physio and pills I am in a better
position to reminisce!!
Oday I looked over our wedding photos and a few things really struck me-
1. I had a tiny waist!!! No baby hips :)
2. Both our parents were in the photos- that is not a reality in our (or our childrens) lives-1 by choice to leave us the other is singing in heaven
3. How very young and relaxed we looked!

I think on our vows and we had traditional vows and we choose the "for better or worse" (& wow over the last 17 years have we put that to the test but every single time God has turned the "worse" into our better) and "to love, honour & obey"- the first person I ever promised too obey of my own choice, freely. I was not forced or made to obey by will or dominence but I promised to obey out of respect & love.
I have NEVER been submissive or weak - in fact I tend to be the opposite- the gal who is capable to get by and survive, a pioneer to independence & competence. Thankfully God has given me a man who completes me and whom my love is overflowing- He is someone I deeply respect and I love to be around and yes I do love to obey because this completes the part of me that doesn't know and doesn't understand- the part that God sees and planned for when He bought this wonderful man into my life.
Still a shame about my waist ;)

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  1. Gotta say, I was distracted by your Cinnabon photo...yummy! Thanks for sharing your wedding story.

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