Thursday, May 20, 2010

Who's in control?

Again so late but this is the first quiet minutes I have had all day & it will soon be tomorrow & the madness will all start again.
A friend has been reading in Second Samuel, and she has been sharing such wisdom and has blessed me by what she has been reflecting on in her studies. After her thoughts I was really interested in looking into this part of  the OT. I  was really challenged to think on how  I act/ react in difficult situations.- and we have had ALOT of difficult situations recently that have sent my emotions flying. My friend pointed out that David did not have to take down his opponents - he trusted in God and God was very much in control.
I like most women, like to be in charge and fix things or "make it right" - I am definately self-reliant and I know this has come from my history. I need to open mself to the Holy Spirit's direction in this area.
My lesson today is maybe I need to read the message that DH bought me & hung above my coffee machine "good morning this is God, today I will be handling all your problems & I won't be needing your help so relax & have a good day"
I pray you are having a good day too!
Thanks for stopping by.

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