Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get your own coke- gulp!!

I struggle with emotions that I feel everyday. I get sooo mad when I am tired and the family want, want, want from me all the time. I feel used & unappreciated & when I look at individual examples (always drinking the last of my drink and never filling the cup, leaving me with no toilet paper on the roll, waiting til I sit down until asking me to get them a drink - afterall it is just as far for D. to get up & get it as it is for me!
Reading 1 Samuel 18-19 look at the consequences of letting a thought go- in that case it was jealous thought that did not get dealt with and in my case I am indulging thoughts that are just as dangerous.
We are commanded by Jesus to take every thought captive- why? Because they are the seeds that bring destruction into our lives. Hold up my thoughts to the 1Cor 14 that I was talking about below and it is immediately obvious that it is not patient, longsuffering or kind. I could also go over to Prov 31 and see if my thoughts lined up with our Biblical example of a Godly wife & mother. I don't think I need to, though my friends may agree if I whine to them God doesn't-Instead He gives me grace when I seek to be the wife & mother that He calls me to be. I desperately need that grace- I can't do it on my own!

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