Monday, May 24, 2010

Still on hold??

I am so challenged by what I read this am over in "the Quiet Corner" & I'm glad I have the whole day (including many hours in the car) to think on it. Seemingly simple enough but in practice God is going to have to do a mighty work!!!

 "Respond out of mind set rather than mood." (Col. 3:2)

 "When we trust our lives to the hand and pen of an unseen but ever present God, He will write our lives into His story and every last one of them will turn out to be a great read. With a grand ending. And not just in spite of catastrophes. Often because of them. Don't just wait and see. Live and see." this is a quote from Beth Moore's study on Esther and is good words for me as we face more medical appointments. 

My life & our family  life is for living & rejoicing-always despite circumstances- God doesn't want to put us on "hold" til life settles down but He wants us to live in His peace & grace during these tough times. 
I know He gives me strength- mine ran out months ago.


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