Monday, May 17, 2010

Managing Monday- Am I managing?

Today is very quiet at home.
My DH went back to work after being off for the last 4 months. We have had a season as a family of health crisises. Firstly it was DH that was ill, then our toddler contracted encephalitis after an ear infection and was hospitalised for a month and the family was on full stress mode.
As a mum I have been doing, doing, doing- planning & working to create a stable, peaceful home. I have been running on empty emotionally and my time with God has suffered. I have spent time reading in The Word, but most of my prayer times have been in the "desparate plea" category.
Last week this stress caught up with me.
I was sitting with my teen helping her prepare for her NAPLAN tests which grade her reading & writing & numeracy for her age and compare it nationally.
I felt an odd sensation in my head and I lost a part of my vision in my eye. I had a mini stroke.
I went to the hospital and this week has been one big blur surrounded by very worried faces. The Dr has started some medicine to keep my Blood pressure down and has said that it has ben a timely warning that I need to take better care of my family by taking better care of me.
This has forced me to have a long hard look at what I do and why I do it. What is necessary in my day and what just isnt. What things do I consider important and a "must have" in my day and funnily enough - those things are usually the things that I have been foregoing in order to keep on top of everything else- like my time with God, my Family First Four,(the first things I say to each person each day is a greeting not an instruction and endeavouring to keep a mental tally of 4 specific times that I tell each one "I love you" each day)I want to change my focus from tasks back to the people that I am striving to make this home a place of security and peace.

What do you give your energy to, is it wearing you out? is it important to you or to your family? What is necessary? What are your goals for your family as a mum?
This week is a time of change for me - a time of back to basics:
* Spending time reading & praying as a priority- not an after-thought
* Remembering my "Family First Four"
* taking time to love & play!

have a wonderful week,( and maybe a good nap or 2!!)

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