Thursday, May 27, 2010


Last monday DH had to go back to work- He has been off since January and just as I was wondering how I was going to manage alone I got a phone call from my sister in the blue mountains and my aunt & uncle who are retired and on a 3 month road trip wanted to know if they could come & help.They came here last tuesday and stayed a full week til this morning- talk about praying for practical help to come- just when I thought I would be alone a live in helper that loves cuddling & reading to the toddler & pegging out washing arrives as my first houseguest in the 7 years we have lived here!!!!

I had a MRI & angiogram on Saturday and was fitted into a cancellation with the Neurologist Professor yesterday. He assessed me for 70 minutes (usually you are in and out and have no idea.) He explained everything I can expect and He even had a huge interest in what had happened and following our toddler up as she recovers from the encephalitis so we can save some big trips to sydney.

He said that I have not had a complete stroke and that the MRI shows that there is no permanent damage at all in my brain. He says that I am to take 100mg asprin for the rest of my life and that will prevent it from ever happening again. He says that it will take between 2-6weeks and I will have full use of my arm & my face & my sight in the left eye will be back to normal and that I will then be able to drive again! ( I live on a farm 30 minutes out of town and DH travels away for work every other week so that was a HUGE concern.

The problem can be big- but God IS INDEED BIGGER

Have a great day,

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