Tuesday, August 24, 2010

N.Z Lemon Bread Tart

This is the easiest dessert and you make it all in the food processor- a quick zip zip and your done!!

1/2 c of icing sugar
1 C plain flour
125gm firm butter
Whiz all together in food processor til it clumps around the blade.
Drop on a floured bench.
Roll out to the size of your tin. Put in your greased tin
(I use a 10 inch round  loose bottom tin.)
Pop in the freezer for 10 minutes.
Put in the oven at 160"C for 15 minutes to lightly cook.

lemon juice and zest of 2-3 lemons = 1/2 Cup
1/2 C sugar2T plain flour
100gm melted butter
4 egss

Whiz all in the food processor .
Pour over base (that is now hot & dry but not cooked through).
Put back in the oven for 25minutes until set
Dust with icing sugar, serve with cream, cour cream or yoghurt.

Too easy!


  1. Hey girl, just wanted to come by and say congrats cuz I just gave you an award!! come by and pick it up!!

  2. Thanks for sending in this recipe! Gave me a chance to meet another fun blog! Drop by my blog anytime. Friends are always welcome.