Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday

Today the sun is shining and there is definately a promise of spring in the air.

My DH came home from his week away from work and when I met him at the door:

Such a sweetie!
It has been a lovely weekend and I feel refreshed and full of hope.

I have for months been missing the fresh veggies we usually always have from our garden but with all the hospital trips and things the garden has fallen by the way. I really miss this place of harvest and abundance- of seeing things grow and watching God transform tiny little seeds into crops, I miss popping out and grabbing some fresh peas or some spinach and the wee ones used to eat so much more fresh veg as often they would just eat t raw from the garden.

Well I spent some time out in the sun in my veggie garden yesterday afternoon, I have been inspired by many of the pics of everyones gardens and with winter drawing to a close for us here in Australia I really am itching to get back out into the beds.

Everyone had a great time- Lil 3yo, DD was in there- not a care in her lil heart about medical reports or the events of last week- after all there was dirt to be played with! So refreshing and so lovely to hear and watch some much needed giggling. My heart was lifted.

We did lots of digging and there was weeds to get rid of and rocks to throw out and then when everything was nearly ready for planting we spread ALOT of manure over the garden- this manure made the garden rich with everything it needed to support the coming growth and harvest, then in went the seeds & seedlings and we put back the little protective netting to keep our ducks out and let the veggies grow in peace.

This is so like what is happening all around at the moment- the turning over and breaking up is difficult and hard, then stuff is added to life that just seems wrong and dreadful, but with the things of God, protection, sunshine and a little rain the garden will grow & grow and the harvest will come. Thank you Lord for the lessons you teach me in my garden.

Have a great Monday,




  1. I am glad you had a great weekend! I want to have a garden someday! It is nice to meet you!

  2. Happy Monday!

    I have not been in to check on you in far too long! We have had a busy summer here and I have tried not to be on the computer any more than I have to:-)

    I will contiue to pray the Lord gives you wisdom regarding your precious little one.

    I am so glad you are enjoying Spring and all the new life that accompanies it! I pray the Lord continues to build you up, bless you, and remind you that HE is in control. Bless you this week!

  3. Hi
    Welcome Taylor I'm glad you came for a visit, and Marilois- thanks for stopping by & thank u for your prayers, we really appreciate them

  4. Hello Carolyn, lovely to meet you just now on Blogfrog. Great to read more about your garden, and share a little in your family.
    Blessings - Jan

  5. You're hubby did good!! I just love flowers! Can I just say that I looooove that you say "mum". I seriously have considered moving somewhere just so I could get a "Mum's Day" card. I don't know what it is!!

  6. Thank you so much for stopping by, and leaving the sweet comment! What a sweet husband it looks like you have! I love that he color coordinated everything- what a guy!!

    I'm your newest follower as well! Many hugs!