Sunday, February 3, 2013


Tomorrow is a milestone for our family.
Tonight, I tucked my lil Miss C into her bed for the last time as a preschooler- tomorrow my baby goes to school to start kinder!
It has almost been three years since encephalitis came to our home & forever changed my world. Lessons have been learned, strength has been found & tears, many tears have been shed.
Tomorrow marks a day that I did not think possible 3 years ago, I thought unlikely 2 years ago & I thought would be a nightmare 1 year ago.
We have all changed and grown. Miss C has learned the big things- to walk & talk again, the little things are sometimes tough- her wee mind is busy and sometimes very disorganised- words like post encephalitis ADHD & Autism jump about on pages of Drs reports.
Words, tags, labels that describe but don't define.
My baby girl could better be described as unique, delightful, energetic, honest (a little much so somedays.... ;)  happy & blessed.
I couldn't see this day as a reality, I could only see what my eyes saw & feel lost, hopeless & worried.   The Father saw differently.
He sees all our tomorrows- He has a great plan & abundant provision & grace.
Mumma might need some tissues, He knows that too!
I'd better put the kettle on early!

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  1. Oh, how did she do? I bet (hope) she is loving it :)
    Janie x