Friday, November 26, 2010

Weigh loss & The Glory Gals.

Since my first bub I have had a bit of excess baggage. (Hmm she is now 13...) My dear big sister gave me a nudge and I have started a journey to loose the excess weight and get more energy.

I started this journey and I realised that I was spending a good bit of time reading labels, reading recipes, adding foods to my journal and weighing in. I had a plan but one very essential component was missing. God.

I had left Him out of my diet plans.

I was relying on myself, my wisdom and my will power just like I have many times before.

Nudge, Nudge.

God is my stregnth, apart from Him I can do nothing, yet in the area of weight loss I somehow exclude God.

I have thought about this and I think it is because I feel a bit ashamed of how little self control I have.

I have been teaching my 3yo DD a song about the "Fruit of The Spirit" and wowsers - there it is- God knows we need self control and He also knows we lack it - so He gives it to us and develops it in our lives when we push into Him.

What Grace.

What love.

I dont want to open the door for the enemy to whisper condemnation and guilt in and to rub my nose in my failures. I want to run to God, seek His truth and ask for His support on this journey.

I want invite you too. I have read many other gals stories who are on this weight loss journey over the last while and it seems like alot of us have similar feelings of inadequacy, guilt, failure.

I think that it is time to say "Enough of that"

I have started a separate blog in which we can walk this journey together. Come by and visit me at "The Glory Gals" because its not about us, our lives are for His glory. Lets walk with The Lord and live how He made us to- with our image of ourselves lining up with His word.

Each week I will be putting up a post addressing just this- Who we are in Christ, what He says about us and including Scriptures and thoughts. Lets get some discussion going and make some important discoveries about who we are as Daughters of The King. Let's give Him Glory on our journey. If you would like to write a post that would be wonderful, or link up on the blog roll, pop on over to The Glory Gals

If you would like to do an online study together on specific issues then post your ideas and we can get a group together and dig into The Word.
If you would like to join me lets read and encourage each other along this journey, today is a good day to start but most of all lets invite God in.

In His Grace,



  1. on my way to check out the Glory Gals!

  2. I will head over, too. I just posted my weight loss story on my other blog. Here's the URL, if you're interested.

    Hugs to you,

    - Leah

  3. I just started reading a book called Thin Within, you might like it. This is the first time in all of my yo-yo dieting life that I am allowing God to be at the center of it. It might take longer, but I'm convinced that it will last forever :) Going to check out Glory Gals!


  4. Oh, on my way to check out Glory Gals! I'm on a new health/weight loss journey too!

  5. Pray His work is evident in all of you Glory Gals! Thanks for sharing, Jill