Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Alarm

Oh wow, how I love and hate that alarm all at once!
My baby girl- she forgets to breathe as she sleeps.
...Go..Now!! The alarm!
it rings and a wee blue baby is in the bed,
Night after night we listen- I hate that.
Panic, confusion, silence.
Yet.. I do love the alarm- it calls me to help her,
my heart races,
God listens: She takes a big breath,
Then she sleeps unaware of her mumma’s fear,
She is safe,
Lord hold her as she sleeps.


  1. Oh dear! Thank God for 'the alarm'!

    Could you educate us....will she grow out of this? What age is she?

  2. C Our DD is 3, she has a central sleep apnea and when she is deep in a certain part of her sleep cycle her brain just forgets to breathe andwhen she doesn't take a breath for 20 seconds the alarm sounds & we go in and help her. The little part of her brain that reminds her to breathe when she is asleep is supposed to be developed by the time the baby is born but hers isn't which is quite unusual. The last sleep study showed she stopped breathing around 58 times in the 2 hours, the test about 8 months before that she stopped about 80+ times in the same time, so the Dr said that because the number is going down it means that part of her lil brain is developing slowly.
    Everytime she sleeps age must be on a monitor. ( not in the car, pram, floor etc) or she is at huge risk.

  3. Thank you for teaching me. Praying that someday soon, the alarm will no longer be needed!

  4. Thank you for praying for my wee one, we really appreciate the care of others praying.
    In His Grace,

  5. How scary. I thank God for the alarm and also pray she will be healed of this condition.

  6. How frightening... praying for you all <3