Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I was sitting with my coffee and thinking about the week- Thankful thursday is a day that I like to purposefully pause and give thanks.

My two aunts from Ireland and England came to visit and again it was very tough saying goodbye. Both these lovely ladies are very strong in faith for the Lord and in a few short days we have prayed, read, talked and encouraged each other to press into God during this season. I am so thankful for their visit and the fun and fellowship we shared.

Today my DH is off to Dubbo to take a university exam for his course that he does at night. I am thankful for the time he has had to prepare and the opportunity he has to redo tis exam ( the last time he sat this exam lil C was very sick in hospital and he has had to wait 5 months to take it again) I am thankful that lil C, though she has croup, she is basically well and out of hospital for this exam week.

I sat and read Julie's blog Come Have a Peace and her post "Showering Hope" on the Baby rescue centre in Gautemala really touched my heart.

This week as My lil toddler was sick, I was worried, I took her to the hospital and she was seen by a specialist, given some medicine, had scans and treatment and we are home. It was worrying, stressful and tiring. I cannot even imagine  living in a place that this was not a reality. Let alone being unable to give my baby food and watching her waste away from hunger and disease. To hear her cries as lil C had to undergo treatment that was necessary to help her was tough- it IS tough on a Mumma's heart to hear her baby cry. But to hear you baby cry and NOT be able to meet her need or know that she was hungry and you couldn't feed her - well that just makes me weep. 

My lil C has been off her food- the dietician has given us special liquid nutrient drinks that she can have to help her. We have a choice of yoghurt and custard and different biscuits to tempt her to eat if she feels like it.
I look around my kitchen this morning and I have so much- I have a coffee in my hand, the breakfast plate scrapings that are going to the chickens and ducks are on the bench, there are two bananas that are starting to go a bit brown, there is the end of the loaf of bread that wasnt put back in the freezer after the toast was made and now is stale and I was thinking about making a bread & butter pudding or taking it out to the chickens. All this -and I overlook it as a true GIFT from God.
What would this mumma give to have what I throw away?
What would it mean to her?
How do I teach a grateful, thankful heart in my children and myself?

I am so blessed and often I am so ungrateful- I dont even realise what it is I have  to appreciate- I overlook it as "normal" and I think this arrogance is actually very sad.

Today I am taking time to sit and realise some of the things that I am truely thankful for.Funny enough the memory verse I taught lil 3yo DD this week was "Be thankful always" and  My list for starters:
  •  the access I have to health care that is helping my daughter
  • the house my husband has built me
  • the conveniences that I have- the tv that is helping entertain my miserable toddler, the microwave that saves me time heating a snack, the washing machine & my wonderful dryer that are helping me keep on top of the washing during this rainy week.
  • the lovely warm load of firewood we have for our cast iron stove
  • the groceries I can walk into a store and buy
  • the family I have that has come to visit and love and support us
  • the ability I have to sit here and talk to you.
  • I am thankful for my blogy friends!!
  • Sweet California Momma has blessed me with my first ever Blog Award!!

  • This a big surprise and I felt very encouraged ((HUGS))

    I could literally take all day and notice things to be thankful for in everything- wow what would my day look like then??
What are you thankful for today??


  1. I am thankful for this thing called the internet! To be able to 'meet' people on the other side of the world, to encourage and inspire each other in our walks with God, and to share each others' burdens, all at the press of a button, is really unbelievable!

    I wonder the same do I teach my kids to appreciate all they have and how do I make them realize that they have a responsibility to reach out and bless others? I'm confident God will show us how. You're in a tough spot right now and it would be very easy for you to overlook the things to be thankful for so I applaud your deliberate effort to pause and count your blessings. I'll do the same. So glad you were encouraged and supported this week by your aunts!

  2. Beautiful, thoughtful, and inspiring post. I am thankful for family, friends, my loving dogs, our home, my garden, and all God's creatures -- well, maybe not Coyotes, but hopefully, He will forgive me on that one. : )

    You are a good woman, Carolyn. Your family and friends must cherish you so very much. Good health and happiness to you and your family!

  3. You have a grateful heart, and it is such a precious gift. I give thanks for so many of the same things as you, though, it is that treatment was available for me.

    A beautiful, thoughtful post to read.
    Hugs and blessings - Jan

  4. Beautiful blog! Visiting from blogfrog. I hope you dont mind if I follow :)

  5. Hi there! Just stopping in from Blogfrog- I do Thankful Thursday on my blog too!

  6. Yes, Yes, Yes. I try to shift my thinking like you mentioned as well. I remember one night when my little girl was up for the 3rd time and I was sleeping with her sitting up on the couch and I was so grumpy about it and then I thought... wait. I have a couch. We are warm. She is fed. If I need medical help, it is one little phone call away. And all of a sudden, I wasn't so grumpy anymore... Good post. Thanks. :) Becca

  7. What a meaningful post. Thanks for sharing. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog.

  8. Being thankful is a very high calling! I have seen more miracles take place when I have a thankful heart, than at any other time...

  9. Hello it is so nice to meet you. You have a lovely blog.
    I am going to take a peek around and visit you for a bit.
    You have a lovely day!

  10. I really like your blog description. Keep the kettle on...I'll be by often.

  11. Carolyn, so nice to meet you! Tonight I'm thankful to be back home after a busy and exhausting weekend away. I'll be especially thankful when my head hits the pillow. :)

  12. Dear Carolyn: Your thankfulness humbles me, my dear sister. I often whine about what I call High Class Problems--my internet going too slow, my new shoes fitting too big, the service in a restaurant too sloppy. Ahem. I need these reminders that I am blessed to have computers, shoes and food.

    So, I'm thanking the Lord for you, and your example to me of a happy heart!

    Audience of ONE

  13. Your grateful heart has blessed me today!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind comment....

  14. What a beautiful Thankful Thursday post! We are very blessed because so many are impoverished. Thank you for the reminder!

  15. Hi Carolyn -

    Beautiful blog (both the design and the content)!

    When I read your comment at Susie's Sandbox, I didn't realize you were from Australia. One of my closest friends is from Sydney. :)