Saturday, September 25, 2010

Refresh 2010

This weekend I am away at Refresh 2010- Womens conference. This is a weekend of many firsts.
It is my first ever womens conference.
It is my first time away from my children.
It is my first non illness/ non hospital admission time away from my husband in 17 years of marriage.
It is my first time away with my sister ( or any girlfriend)for more than a daytime trip in almost 20 years)
It is the first time I have ever looked at something and said I NEED to be there no matter what- this is for me right now!
The theme is "Living Victoriously amidst life's storms". Sound like God smiled when He in His amazing way worked this conference info into my hands?
Jill Briscoe is the speaker, Jill is someone who I have admired and read her works for years. How I came to know of the conference was making an enquiry for one of her books "A little pot of oil" -a particular book, a particular journey, a particular need- God smiles!
I am being challenged and changed as she reveals God to us in new and personal ways- a deep hunger is building in me that I thought had gone. I am drawn to prayer by her Godly example, knowledge and her personable warmth and her palpable love for Jesus!
I am so thankful that I am here.
I am so thankful I am sharing this time with my sister,
I am so thankful there is more tomorrow,
I am so thankful for the lovely Godly women & their openess to talk with us & embracing us,

I am most thankful there is Jesus!!


  1. Sounds like you had a blessed time, I don't go to many conferences but the ones I did go to I love, and it is refreshing to meet new people who have the same goal to grow closer to Jesus.

    Thank you for your comment to my blog post God bless you and have a great Wednesday.

  2. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend! How blessed we are to be able to encourage each other in our walks of faith, and have FUN at the same time! God is soooo good!!

    Blessings sweet sister!

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog and thank you for sharing with me some tips for dealing with the arrythmia too. I appreciate it. Everything checks out fine now. I am glad to know what to do if it happens again though.