Thursday, July 22, 2010

Today I was Reading an update from my nephew-in-law as he begins a new chapter in his missionary work, I want to share it with you, I have really been challenged by the post and would appreciate it if you took time to visit and leave a message of encouragement for Brad as he starts his latest journey.
He simply asks for prayer for a man he met and talks of the challenges that they are facing sharing the Gospel in Indonesia.
That kind of persecution is so different from our experience in Australia- to fear for your very life or worse that of  your family- I cant even imagine how terrifying the reality of that is.
As I was praying for the men's boldness & safety to speak for the Father & I was humbly challenged to examine my own boldness for Christ.
We are so blessed with safety and comfort and often we don't speak about our relationship with Christ because we worry we might be embarrassed or rejected- in fact most people ACTUALLY NEVER have been mocked or rejected they just fear they might be. The enemy has done such a good job of starting us thinking that if we speak love, hope & relationship into their lives we will be laughed at & that is somehow more tragic than eternal separation from Christ.

Please stop by and encourage Brad. He is a young man (just 22) with a heart for the Lord and needs covered in prayer and encouragement as he enters this new missionfield on Indonesia and speaks about his heart for the Father.
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