Friday, July 23, 2010

Quick- what is the time?

I have been catching up on some emails because I have been a bit busy lately and have not been on top of things.

Funny eh! How often do we say this? How often is it true?

Yes we are REALLY busy, probably busier than any other time in history for women.
Our daily journals and calendars are PACKED with appointments, our "to do" list looks more like a encyclopedia's table of contents than a prompt for little tasks that we dont want to slip our mind.
We are so busy that we cant always (or dare I say it often?!) fit in our time with the Lord.

But come on girls- are we being honest with ourselves? Are we plain being decieved? or worse being self- decieved?

Lets really open our eyes:

Are we so busy that we must leave the house in our pjs because we just could spare the time to get dressed and brush our hair and teeth? (Im not talking about the bus- run- or the fact that Im typing this in my pj's!! Im talking about the grocery store, the post office, work, church, - I have never heard- "nope- I just couldn't spare the time to get dressed this morning!"

Or maybe are we sooo busy that we just plain couldnt eat today?

I hear you saying..." Yep I've left the house and skipped breakfast" but what did you do all morning? I know I looked for opportunities to grab a bite- a takeaway coffee or a breakfast bar from my purse. If I get to lunchtime and still havent eaten, I feel terrible, I am definately not functioning at my best. I am really determined by now to slow down and swing by the drive-thru, or take a swig out of the toddler's juice bottle. If I dont and I am still racing around by 2pm I am just about ready to eat those unidentified crackers from beside the toddlers car- seat.

If one of our girlfriends sees us in the street and says "wow, you look dreadful" and it is revealed that it is 3pm and you still havent eaten today, I can gaurantee she will grab you by the sleeve and march you to a cafe, or pull a trusty cereal bar from  HER purse to tide you over.

You get it- We make it a priority to feed our bodies.
If we dont we get sick.

We need to make it a priority to feed our Spirit- if we dont we will get REALLY sick.

We need to be that aware of the vital importance our time with the Lord is and  as committed to consuming the Word as we are to our earthly eatting. As sisters in Christ we need to be watching out for our sisters- ready to check if they are ok today and be ready with a spiritual muesli bar as the case may be.

I have been so blessed to be part of a "Good Morning Girls" group for some months now and each lady in this group has asked to be accountable to the rest of the group for making her time with the Lord a priority. I love the Lord. I want to make Him my focus and priority as the stuff of life seems to pile up no matter how much I get done in the day. I love the group as they help me stay accountable (or convicted as the case may be...) Every weekday we spend time reading the word and then send of a quick email to the rest of the group. It is not a Bible study or forum for preaching, it is about saying, "I read this today and I learned this" or "I ddin't make it today, please pray for me tomorrow" but it has been an tremendous blessing to me. The girls in my group have prayed for me, encouraged me, and taught me.

I challenge you to make your time with the Lord your priority .
Last week on Scripture Dig there was a FANTASTIC Alphabet Priorities Poster.
Please check it out- It is now printed and pasted on  my biggest excuse or diverter of time from the Lord-   ;;';;./; -pl'lo    opps, sorry, the tape got in the way of the "Send" button,

Blessings all

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