Monday, October 5, 2015

The journey continues- one tiny step at a time

My lil girl is now 8, she survived encephalitis at 3 yo and since has really struggled.
Despite many beautiful patient wonderful people who have come to help her over these last few years in the last year she lost so many milestones.

Recently she has gone back in an alarming rate and the Drs have scheduled her for an emergency MRI/EEG &bloods this coming Thursday 

My mumma heart is aching, the drs suspect something autoimmune ( her own body attacking her) & will do tests that the Drs need to find it. It could also be infection - the encephalitis holding on and  if infection is hiding and continuing to damage her lil brain then also the Drs need a different plan. 

Over the last year my sweet child has been hurting and slipping away. I am sad and scared. I need your prayers, my lil girl needs your prayers. 

There IS a bigger plan than what my eyes and circumstances see.

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